Marketing Strategist

With over a decade of experience as an entertainment journalist, I’ve interviewed hundreds of actors, directors, writers and producers. One of the commonalities is that the message of the film or TV show is often lost in the marketing. The passion these creatives have for their project isn’t congruent with the marketing efforts which oftentimes leads to the project under performing. As a Marketing Strategist, my approach to creating campaigns is to Educate, Resonate and Amplify.

After participating in the press junkets where I screened the film and interviewed the talent, I created a series of marketing strategy pitch decks with recommendations of ways to amplify these projects and help them to reach their targeted audience.  Using images for educational purposes is allowed under fair use exemptions to U.S. copyright (U.S. Code, Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107.)

Marketing Strategies for ``Shirley``
Create awareness for a historic political figure whose legacy is lesser known with activations that align with Chisholm's career of educational advocacy.
"Shirley" Marketing Deck
Marketing Strategies for ``The American Society of Magical Negroes``
Help audiences understand the historical context of the trope as well as the satirical nature of the film in order to move past their initial prejudgment of the trailer.
"...Magical Negroes" Marketing Deck
Marketing Strategies for ``The Color Purple``
Introduce the film to a collegiate demographic, amplify women of color entrepreneurs and encouraged men to break generational curses through therapy.
"TCP" Marketing Deck
I would be honored to work on your next tv or film marketing campaign.

Zon D’Amour is an alumna of Howard University. With nearly two decades of experience as an entertainment journalist, she’s written for the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper, CocoaFab, HelloBeautiful, and xoNecole. Experiences that have helped her to pivot into becoming a TV/Film Marketing Strategist.

A highly sought-after journalist, D’Amour has interviewed Hollywood’s elite including Kevin Hart, Kerry Washington, Melissa McCarthy, Angela Bassett, Usher, Gabrielle Union, J.Cole, Big Sean, Larenz Tate, and Taraji P. Henson to name a few. Many of her interviews have an engagement and viewership totaling over 100,000 across several platforms.

In 2023, D’Amour was a moderator for the 5th Annual Micheaux Film Festival.

A seamstress since the age of three, D’Amour is also the Founder of a unisex vegan leather travel brand that’s been featured in ESSENCE Magazine, Men’s Journal, and the Associated Press site AP Buyline.

Additional professional experiences include working as a Project Manager and Event Producer.

D’Amour is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. A native of New Orleans, she currently resides in Los Angeles.

Contact: Marketing {at} ZonDAmour {dot com}