My collegiate experience at Howard University instilled so much pride within me as a Black woman. Howard has been the catalyst for so many amazing friendships and professional opportunities that have taken me across the nation and abroad.
While I love seeing my university celebrated in TV and film as well as amongst the first to be given generous donations, there are also ninety-eight other HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) that students have the opportunity to attend.
Moreover, I understand that the cost of tuition is a prevalent barrier for many seeking higher education, especially when it comes to out of state tuition. Thus, I am utilizing my platform to establish a scholarship fund for students to attend HBCUs, specifically, beloved institutions that aren’t as renowned.
Whenever the Promo Code “HBCULove” is used, customers will receive 10% off their order and matching proceeds will be contributed towards a scholarship fund.

Products inspired by HBCU alumni below:

*Note* All Products in addition to the ones below all eligible for 10% off with the promo code.

HBCU Alumni Product Shoot Interest Form

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    Are you interested in modeling in the August HBCU product shoot?

    What school did you attend?

    What are your schools colors?

    Are you a member of the Divine 9?(Not a mandatory requirement to participate)If so, what org?

    Are you an HBCU entrepreneur, that would like your product included in the shoot? If so,please list your product or service below. (Ex: School Paraphernalia(shirts, sweatshirts, jackets), sunglasses, makeup, food or drink)

    Are you interested in assisting with producing the shoot? Assistant Director and Production Assistant Roles Available. Responsibilities would include coordinating models, products, overseeing the shot list and keeping time while onset. Ideal for recent grads looking for experience in fashion & marketing but open to anyone interested in the role. Skip if N/A.