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The way LA is set up, it can be hard for “creatives” to pay the bills. Many actors and models are also waiters or trainers, working a 9-to-5 going on auditions on days off, shooting at nights and on the weekends. I definitely know that life from working in catering, couch surfing, sleeping in my car etc. all to chase my dreams of being a Music Video & Commercial Director. One skill set I hadn’t tapped into was sewing…My grandmother was a professional seamstress and while most kids played sports I was in “sewing camp” year round. But as an adult, I hadn’t considered making clothes.

At a low point, mentally and financially, I asked God what to do next and He said “Sew.” I said, “Naw, what else?” But I could not shake the feeling. Suddenly sewing clothes was all I thought about. I re-enrolled in classes. For months I’ve invested any money I’ve gotten into the supplies and it’s not just fabric and thread but cutting boards, special rulers, rotary cutters, tapes, buttons, pattern paper and sooooo much more. I’ve cried, I’ve given up several time and I’ve truly pushed myself to get to this moment where EVERYTHING I’m wearing in these photos I made by hand. Meanwhile, I’m still pitching artists video treatments, interviewing celebs, writing and editing content, trying to stay afloat.

I’m very proud to say that my online store is now open for pre-sales and I would greatly appreciate your support! Every “like”, repost and of course purchase is greatly appreciated! Plan A is still to direct and produce empowering content and this is one of the ways that I’m funding my dreams.
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