HBCU Scholarship Fund

My collegiate experience at Howard University instilled so much pride within me as a Black woman. Howard has been the catalyst for so many amazing friendships and professional opportunities that have taken me across the nation and abroad.
While I love seeing my university celebrated in TV and film as well as amongst the first to be given generous donations, there are also ninety-eight other HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) that students have the opportunity to attend.
Moreover, I understand that the cost of tuition is a prevalent barrier for many seeking higher education, especially when it comes to out of state tuition. Thus, I am utilizing my platform to establish a scholarship fund for students to attend HBCUs, specifically, beloved institutions that aren’t as renowned.
Whenever the Promo Code “HBCULove” is used, customers will receive 10% off their order and matching proceeds will be contributed towards a scholarship fund.

*Note* All Products all eligible for 10% off.
Below are products inspired by HBCU alumni